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Learning Animals the new website, your adventure into Animality


Always on the move, never exhausted, always hungry for new knowledge, new experiences and adventures; we present to you the new version of the Learning Animals website – Home for the Animality Studies.


An endeavor to put together the passed ten years of commitment to a change of paradigm, creating ever more space, inspiration, energy and support for people who want to deconstruct images and habits and grow in the knowledge and understanding of a paradigm shift. A possibility to choose to change, to walk a different road and to stand for an evolution of thought that brings us back to our Animality, facilitating many others who live with us and elsewhere from us.


In this new website you will find many elements full of our history and those of many others, you will find encounters that have become stories of concrete change, you will find studies, experiences and quality-life developed over the course of this decade. Recovering cognition, ownership of experiences, one’s own thoughts, one’s own dreaming, owner of one’s own life. A dimension of the animal perspective, putting subjectivity central in a world more and more trying to mechanise.


The good news? Growing in this direction is easier than it seems, because it is part of our most intimate and native Animality-belonging. The most difficult part is to choose not to confront oneself with – what many define as – the one and only reality, but to build new ones, never seen, studying and going far beyond the known, flirt with the unknown, deceive the “human all too-human”.


So with your compass and ship helm in your hands, the anchor up and a light breeze starting to fill the sails of your vessel – the wide ocean in front of you, calm and stormy, still unknown, endlessly fascinating, we wish you a great site-navigation.