Culture - Learning Animals
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Infinite Worlds



“Before any philosophical reflection, as well as before a political fight – both dimensions of undisputed value and meaning – Animality is a biological instance that unites all of us animals since the dawn of time of evolution.” Animality is universal. An innate call to cognitively experience the world in your own, subjective way.
– Francesco De Giorgio


“There are infinite worlds behind the world you see. You think you recognise something, but there are an infinity of other things to explore and to discover.”
Understanding subjectivity is a life-philosophy, part of every moment of life.


“Each of us, as a child, perceives the existence of this world in the world, where the relationship with animals is a natural and living flow, the dialogue is intense. It is not easy to continue to fuel this fire in the course of one’s existence: we tend to reify life, to dissect it, to look at the world and those who populate it as something to manage, structure, rationalise.”

[In the name of Animality, Nel nome dell’Animalità]

No one is born to become the object or the result of a behavioral protocol.

24/7 Experiencivore

The term “Experiencivore” (Italiano: esperiensivoro) was coined by Dr. Francesco De Giorgio (evolutionary-biologist and cognitive ethologist) to emphasize what all animals (human included) have in common; the need and pleasure to nourish and nurture themselves with cognitive experiences – Be informed by life – in opposition to the mechanistic vision and ecosystemic classification of species.