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Learning Horse Study Program

Understanding Animality

Learning Horse

Exploring Animality, from the horse’s point of view

Learning Horse is a basic Animality study, an introduction towards a changing paradigm, regarding animal subjectivity, and in particular equine cognition, the development of equine dynamics and relationship between horses and other animals, human included.

Your study to learn about horses – donkeys, and other animals – learn about the importance of subjectivity, about their desire to explore the world, their social needs, affiliative behaviors and cognitive abilities, seen from a different point of view – their point of view. 


Emancipated Minds

IIn the equine-human relationship in the last decennia, the development has mainly been in a change of expectation, a change of activities, but still focused on a human-result, developed within an equestrian dimension. People look for the possibility to develop specific behavior, specific responses in their (daily) activities with the horse.

But connection is not a method. Not, for a horse, not for a dog, or a cat, or a human. Coexisting does not follow a formula. Evolving in our relation with others requires a different study path, a different knowledge.

A sound and pure relationship is based on dialogue – not on results – in which all involved can express their own intention. Understanding what the dynamics are for both human and nonhuman animal in a relationship, understanding how this is different from what people are used to, and understanding the elements to be able to live and enjoy this approach in your own relationship(s) is what the basic Animality study “Learning Horse” will focus on. A study where evolved animal ethics are the solid knowledge foundation.

For those who have already followed a Learning Dog study, the Learning Horse study program offers a deepening understanding of Animality and further growth in becoming fluent in the dynamics of an interspecies coexistence and the facilitation of Otherness.


Quality of Life

DDialogue, cognition and reciprocal relationship are key words. Following the program you will learn the meaning of quality of life – from a cognitive understanding – putting subjectivity central as value, as opposed to a species-specific view and objectification tendency of animals (human included).

It is not what you achieve, but how you go get there growing together.

It is one of the programs developed by Learning Animals and the knowledge, experience and passion of Dr. Francesco De Giorgio and José De Giorgio-Schoorl.

Students learn what it means to facilitate a relationship, how to approach perceived problems and how to preserve or help regain ownership of experiences for animals they share their life with. The overall objective is to ensure well-being through the understanding of the Animality viewpoint and the meaning of an emancipated mind.

  • The nature of Cognition
  • Evolved Animal Ethics
  • The relationship development between human and other animals
  • Animality


Further study possibilities


The Learning Horse basic study provides knowledge and growth to preserve one’s own relationship, from a personal involvement. It is possible to further develop as facilitator for other animals, outside one’s own relationship, for which the deepening study of Learning Human is developed and required, to learn how to preserve a cognitive context, how to avoid projections and how to put ethics central (avoiding anthropocentric pitfalls). Whereas following the Learning Dog study after Learning Horse, brings a further understanding of the paradigm change and a further ability in facilitating dogs as subjects.


May 16th 2020, Italy (Registration is open !)

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