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Online study experience

In the world in which for the moment the COVID-19 developments are central, Learning Animals remains an anchor for anyone who wants to understand and preserve their experiences and social dynamics, for themselves and everyone with whom they live. A key to a different understanding.

As understanding the importance of sharing experiences may be more important than ever, in a reality where guidelines for society contain restrictions, that can actually be understood as very logical from an animal point of view. Guidelines as ‘do not shake hands” and “keep your distance” do not lead to “social abstinence” but create a special moment of space in a society in which performance pressure, socialised pressure and normalized behavioural have become a modern standard.

These times are a special moment to be understood and to preserve, as the essence of a shared culture is to be preserved in everyone’s own family – human and other animals. A time to rediscover how to experience life – from the Animality perspective.

The current times give the opportunity to recognize how ‘good’ you can be at participating in social activities, but how far one has gone from actual experiencing the information within dynamics, the nuances that make every moment special  – Getting informed by the other person instead of reacting upon them. It is a time to recognize that standard protocols can be broken, that people need to be able to preserve themselves – as cats, dogs, horses and so many other individuals need to be able to preserve themselves, and not become obligated to lose their own experience just because modern society no longer recognizes the difference between “producing behavior” or getting informed by life.

The reality of the Covid-19 is a serious dimension that must be fully taken into account, with a cognitive understanding of the responsibility you can take. Without losing yourself in the feeling of limitations. Because life is worth living, exploring, sharing – even in a difficult time – it is in the intimacy of your own home that you can rediscover the nuances of a social dynamic, of human and other animals.

Our distance learning platform and the Learning Animals approach towards online teaching have been – over the years – experienced as hugely inspiring, whereby the technological distance is dismantled by the principles of Learning Animals – where subjectivity comes first, and where the teaching is tailored to the individuals’ reality and understanding. The distance study possibility remain an interactive reality, as learning how to recognise nonhuman animal otherness again in daily life and how to preserve nonhuman animals as subjects – not as concept but as value-compass in every moment in life, is very much related to everyone’s own personal development and background.

Our online programs are developed to break down distances – between species or countries.
They are intense, as the student will be guided during online live-classes, mostly one-on-one, by either Francesco De Giorgio or José De Giorgio throughout the whole education experience.

Learning Animals brings a complete change in paradigm in the way human look at, and understand, nonhuman animals. Students are therefor fully and individually supported in their understanding of the study-content and their personal growth.

The distance learning program is divided in six modules. The program can be followed almost completely online, and has ideally at least one practice experience (more practical encounters are possible as well) on location at Learning Animals/Liguria – Italy.

An intake is required before applications are accepted. Write us for a more detailed program or to plan an intake by phone or online: An intake is free of charge.

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