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Learning Dog Study Program

A shared culture

Learning Dog

Understanding Dogs, from their point of view

A study program regarding canine subjectivity, canine cognition, and the development of the relationship between dogs, dogs and human animals, and other animals. Highlighting the profound meaning of cognition and of a social mind and, by doing so, emphasising the needs from a different perspective – the emotional, mental and social innate heritage of the dog. Thát dog.

A study program that goes to the roots of relationships as shared cultures, not from a historical viewpoint, not as physiological explanation or as romantic projection, the later all existing filters making it – in today’s society – almost impossible to see an individual dog for thát dog – someone with the right to be themselves, not the answer of a predefined picture.

Owner of their own experiences


Learn how to understand the dog as a subject. Thát dog, with his or her specific interest, questions, desires to form their own experience. Not only as a new-born-puppy, but throughout a life-time, a life-philosophy, a life-requirement, even in old age.

The Learning Dog Study is an avant-garde study program, continuously integrating modern issues and developments, connected to the difficulty of a society in which the anthropocentric viewpoint is still deeply rooted. This study path allows participants to start recognising the necessary and possible space to preserve quality experiences, to find a way back to their own Animality, and to explore coexistence – beyond speciesism.

Learn how dog learns, as subjects, from an own interest , not stimulated by human, not predefined, but from an interest hidden below many layers of misleading habits and blocking projections. Training, or any form of desired behavior and desired outcome, is deconstructed to makes place for living together, in a reciprocal relationship, where the understanding of the experience of a dog is not a moment of compensation, but a life-philosophy.

Learning Animals indeed breaks with the need to “adapt to society” and give people the possibility to facilitate others – and with that themselves – to go back to a coexistence built on experiencing life. Growing redefining an animal culture of coexistence: An understanding of your own world, to be able to experience, to adapt, to make decisions and to live life from an understanding of life. Informed perspective.

From knowledge and practical application you develop insights that make clear how you can give depth and meaning to the relationship through recognizing the subjectivity of experienced, experiential learning, and guaranteeing a dog’s cognitive abilities. How relationship dynamics arise. And how you can develop tools for an interaction that takes into account the physical, emotional and mental world of dogs. Training makes place for living together, based on the Learning Animals vision in which finding and monitoring space for one’s own expression and individual development are central.
Learning Dog guides you into the world of the invisible, of the latent experience and of experience. Worlds within the world. Understanding the needs and pleasures of an animal becomes a key to understanding an authentic dimension of well-being and in general warranty high quality of life standards.

“Every lesson you receive new very inspiring information. Fundamental new information. There is no reference framework that you can compare with. Information that you will not find in any other education / study. When you understand all this new information with you mind, you are going to integrate this. Deeply, very deeply integrate, into every cell of your body. ” [Learning Dog participant 2015 – after having had a dog school for twenty years]
A study that lays the foundation for a change in our living together with other animals, in which both humans and dogs have the opportunity to express themselves freely in the relationship – emancipated minds – in order to experience life. This requires releasing expectations and the need for control. Personal growth is therefore an important factor in the training process for the participants.
A “must” for anyone who wants to delve into a changing, modern and ethical approach to living together with other animals and who wants to develop in their own relationship with other animals.

You learn how to preserve the cognitive capacities of dogs can to work to well-being and quality experiences , even in less easy ones situations . You learn how the relationship dynamics himself develops, and what you do itself can in mean and how you are within your own Interaction bill can to keep with equivalence .

A journey of intriguing knowledge and inspiring practice.


March 28th 2020, Italy (Programma in Italiano)

April 3rd 2020, The Netherlands

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